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Come take a drink of the Caribbean juice! This website is for everyone who loves travel and fitness, which is a great combination to live that good life…that Caribbean juice!

My name is Jorell Axom, and I’m from the Bahamas, but now live in the beautiful country of Canada. Although I now call this country home, I travel a lot and want to share my experiences.

I also want to share a taste of the Caribbean lifestyle, which I think is a very healthy way to be. Despite not having a lot of money, my friends and family are very happy and have always lived healthily in the Caribbean.

I have become a fitness model and personal trainer in Canada and use many of the lessons I learned from back home. I am very blessed to get to travel a lot for my job because I love to travel! So along with fitness tips, I am going to share my travel experiences with you.

I am very open-minded, and am always seeing and experiencing new things, and I feel like this website will be a good place to share this.

Come back to my site regularly for new information about fitness including tasty and healthy recipes, as well as travel tips and stories.

Thank you for reading!

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Jorell Axom