Bad Experience Because of Bed Bugs

bed bug hotel

Man, I’m a positive guy. You know almost everything I write about is positive. You know I’m about living the good life, that Caribbean Juice! But, recently I had a horrible travelling experience in Toronto because of bed bugs!

I was in the T-Dot for the Travel Expo Toronto at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, staying in a hotel that will go unnamed (for legal reasons). I didn’t notice anything when I went to sleep, but I woke up itchy and then when I went to the mirror I saw some weird little marks on me. So, I looked back at my bed, and yes, bed bugs!!!

I couldn’t believe this because this was not a cheap hotel that I was staying at. I had heard that there were bed bugs in highrise apartment buildings, but in a nice hotel? What the hell!?

Apparently they can spread everywhere, even in clean environments. Not only was I completely disgusted and freaked out, but it completely ruined my trip. I had to get rid of all my clothes and find a new place to stay.

The hotel did refund me, and took care of me in addition financially as an apology and to make sure I didn’t mention them in public, so that’s why I am not saying their name. However, I will say if you are planning on staying at a hotel in Toronto, then you should definitely check the Bedbug registry to make sure there haven’t been any past incidents.

Of course, I checked this after I stayed at the hotel and did see there had been other reports. I could have saved myself from this experience if I checked before, so don’t make the same mistake.

Sorry for such a negative post, but I really need to vent! And also, I want to make sure none of you have to go through this experience. I promise I will get back to the Caribbean Juice with a super positive story soon! I am travelling a lot this month and look forward to sharing it with you.