Caribbean Lifestyle – Exercise, Food, Travel, Party!

cairbbean lifestyle

As I mentioned in the about page of this website, I was born in the Bahamas and am a big proponent of the Caribbean lifestyle. Although it can be hard in Canada to do all the same things because our country is cold most of the year, there are many lessons from my heritage that I implement in my life to be happy and healthy.

The carribbean diet is a huge key to my success in fitness. To start, of course, you should be drinking lots of Caribbean juice! This includes mangos, papaya, coconuts, and variety of other delicious and healthy fruits. I plan to share plenty of scrumptious recipes on this site, but for now to start I will say just to try a mix of passion fruit, mangos, oranges and peaches. It is delicious 🙂

Caribbean people also eat a ton of colourful fruits and vegetables like callaloo, okra, and taro. For protein ,the Caribbean diet focuses on seafood and beans and legumes. One of the most important aspects is that everything is seasoned with spices, not salt or sugar!

Carribean exercise includes a lot of high-energy aerobics and dancing. The island way is to have a great time in a beautiful sunny environment while exercising, not a in brooding dark gym! Since this is not always possible in Canada, of course a gym is ok, but it is better to exercise in a bright facility with lots of people. After a hard-sweat, it is the Caribbean way to always cool down with stretching and yoga to help treat the body right.

caribbean yoga

Now after all that healthy eating and exercise, it is also important to enjoy yourself. Carribean people love to have big parties and dance and play games. Also because so many people travel to the Carribean for vacation, they are very open and welcome to other cultures. And when they can, they love to travel to!

So, in summary: healthy food focused on fruits and vegetables and seafood, high-energy exercise followed by stretching, and celebrate by having big parties with all kinds of people. That’s the Carribean way – the Carribean Juice!